16 Blessings | Thanking God for 2016

So many people are posting about what a terrible year 2016 was. Yes, there were some bad things, but over the course of my life, I have learned that gratefulness opens doors for blessings. So, I want to focus on the wonderful things that God has blessed me with in 2016!

  1. Thank You, LORD, for my husband’s smile and his job! 2 years ago, after triple-by-pass surgery and the ensuing depression that engulfed him, I wasn’t sure he was going to make it through the winter. But! He’s still here and healthier than he ever thought he could be. 🙂

2. Thank You, LORD, for our truck and our cozy little camper that lets me travel with my hubby and only takes 15 minutes to clean!

3. Thank You, LORD, for the time you gave us to really get to know my oldest son’s kids!

4. Thank You, LORD, for giving my Blue a great home, even if my daughter-in-love likes to torture this country boy who rarely wore a collar before this year!

5. Thank You, LORD, for my wonderful kids! They are all hard working adults who love their families and their mom!

6. Thank You, LORD, that this little guy is now a 1-year-old! He had a rough start being born at 2 pounds 10 ounces, but he made it and we are so grateful!

7. Thank You, LORD, for his rambunctious brother and sister. They have blessed my youngest by giving him a chance to experience the challenge of his greatest love, fatherhood!

8. And thank You, LORD, for this other unexpected blessing! Here I thought Ryan would be my last grandbaby and along comes Grayson! He keeps his big brother and sister busy! My daughter did it right. Having another child when you’ve got built in babysitters was something I could not convince Grampa Tom to do. 🙂

9. Thank You, LORD, for my church in Dallas City and the opportunity to be present for my honorary granddaughter’s baptism!

10. And Thank You, LORD, for my church in Kansas! It is such a blessing to be warmly welcomed by loving people so far from home!

11. Thank You, LORD, for my mom and dad, the time I’ve been able to spend with them and their continued healing!

12. Thank You, LORD, for my little sis who has taken on the care of my folks, my uncle and her in-loves on top of her job teaching Spanish. She is an incredible woman. Please strengthen and bless her LORD!

13. Thank You, LORD, for my jobs cooking for the harvest crew and as a sample lady at Sam’s.

14. Thank You, LORD, for international dinners on dirt roads all over the Mid-West!


15. Thank You, LORD, for visits home! For the opportunity to reconnect and touch base with our roots!

16. Thank You, LORD, for opportunities to explore the beautiful world that You created for us!

And that’s just the tip of all the blessings You’ve poured out on us this year, LORD! Thank You!

What has God blessed you with this year?

God Bless You All!

~ Grama Sue

Yeah I know, you thought I was done, but I just can’t resist one more. Back after Grampa Tom had his heart surgery he wanted some slippers. I made him buy these flip flops over his irritated objections because we could adjust their size. His feet were swelling up and going down depending on what time of day it was and how much he had been doing. This summer, Grampa Tom told me he was glad I “made” him buy them. He really likes them! Thank You, LORD, for a man that can admit when he’s wrong!

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