Women | Headcoverings and Culture

This is a post that has been on my heart all summer:


Can you see the clay blocks in the middle of that brush? It was a lot bigger at the start of the summer. My neighbor had torn down an old chicken house a few years ago and had them piled there. This spring she heard that I was looking for blocks to build gardens with so she told me to come get all that I wanted.

Over the summer, I’ve been stopping every week or two and picking up a few. It’s been a huge blessing, but it seems I always forget to stick a kerchief in the truck so I can cover my hair.


Almost every time I duck through that thicket, a stick grabs my hair!


I wind up with a sore head and looking like this 🙁

In I Corinthians 11 women are instructed to cover their heads while worshiping.  Getting my hair stuck in the thicket has given me a whole new revelation on this verse.

Years ago, I learned that in that time, only prostitutes appeared in public with their hair uncovered, and that to pray without a head covering in that culture  was only practiced in pagan temples. Paul was instructing women to respect God by not looking like a prostitute in church. I understood the concept, but until this summer, I didn’t understand why.

 The Bible was written from an agricultural perspective. It was also written by a culture that believed long hair on a woman was incredibly attractive. Any woman who was willing to work wore a head covering because in an agricultural setting a woman’s daily life often involved delving into a thicket for berries or rescuing a lamb. A head covering was an essential piece of work equipment.

On the other hand, a prostitute, who’s only value was sex flaunted that fact by displaying her sexually attractive hair.

A woman who covered her hair when she prayed was saying, “I’m of much more value than a prostitute. God has equipped me with the ability to be much more than just a sex toy!  I am ready and willing to work not only with and for my family, but with and for my God!”

This morning, I started my day out by praying in my jeans and work shirt. This is how I often dress when I am working on the farm. It’s warm, durable and it allows me to move, climb fences, kneel etc. without catching my skirts on stuff or worry about having to keep it pretty. Seems like an appropriate outfit to wear while reporting for work with my LORD 🙂

God Bless You All!

~Grama Sue