Beet Sugar


So, I finally, got around to making beet sugar out of some of my beets. I dug them back in November just before it got really cold.


Got about a bushel full out of my little patch. I was amazed at the size of most of them! I didn’t get out and thin them like I had hoped too, but there were still many good sized beets!


The chickens really enjoyed the greens.


Long ago, I learned that if you leave some dirt on root veggies, put them in a plastic bag with a little splash of water in them and stick them in the fridge, they will keep indefinitely. The dirt and the water make them think they are still in the ground so they continue to grow at a very slow rate.

Yesterday. I brought 1/2 of them in. There were a few bad spots, but not many. I soaked them in a vinegar/water bath in my sink and then scrubbed them up.


In the posts that I read, I didn’t see anything about peeling them, but I did peel them at the top where the leaves had once been because i didn’t feel like I could scrub the dirt out of them enough

IMG_20150104_134841565 IMG_20150104_135158490

Then I put them in the food processor to shred them.


It made a lot of shredded beets!


I put them in a big pot and simmered them for a few hours. The directions I read said I only needed to do this for about an hour, but it was keeping my house warm 😉

Before I went to bed, I strained them by lining a colander and poured every thing through it and put all of it in the fridge to continue draining.

This m0rning, I fed the beet pulp to the chickens and put the liquid on the stove to simmer and warm up my house.

It boiled down for several hours. Then, I brought it to a boil and kept stirring it down as I prepared supper.


When it thickened to a syrup consistency, I put it in a jar.


Just 1/2 a spaghetti sauce jar, but it tastes like heaven!