Tennessee People | Friendliest People on the Planet


Tennessee has some of the most beautiful sights in the country, but this guy right here was the most beautiful sight of all! Every time we’ve been in Tennessee, we’ve been impressed by the friendliness of the people, but this guy took the cake!

When we pulled into our camping spot, we noticed a tire was smoking. When Grampa Tom took it off, he was amazed we hadn’t lost it while driving down the road. The bearing was completely gone! We asked around about someone to fix it and were told to go over to Shade Tree Repair, just a couple of miles from the campground we were staying at in Rock Island State Park.


We drove over and explained our situation. We were amazed that they agreed to come to the campground to look at it. Most mechanics won’t make house calls. Matt Turner, the owner of the shop came and looked it over. In the course of our conversation, we found out that the shop he runs was originally owned by his father. He loves the area and told us where we needed to go to see the sights. He thought it wouldn’t take much to fix and promised to come back that afternoon. I asked how long it would be until he knew what it would cost so I could be sure to have his money ready. He said, “Don’t worry about it, I’ll find you.”

So we spent the afternoon out taking in Tennessee fall beauty. You really have to go there! The pictures just don’t do it justice.

When we got back, Matt was just finishing up. I asked how much we owed him. I figured it would take a big chunk of change. We were at his mercy, but having someone come to the campground to fix the wheel would be worth whatever he decided to charge. His answer? “Nothing.” He refused to take a dime!

What an answer to prayer! I figured it would take most of our reserve money if not more. I was prepared to call relatives and ask them to wire money! I don’t know how this guy makes any money. He spent most of the afternoon working on our trailer! May God Bless him many times over!

Enjoy the pictures!

God Bless You All!

~Grama Sue

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Almost Unschooling Grama Weekly Round-up November 11, 2016

Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are awesome, aren’t they? Back when I started homeschooling in 1986 there were 2 or 3 companies that catered to homeschoolers and they were expensive! Today, there’s so much out there it can be overwhelming! But, with a little creativity and help from the internet, you can practically homeschool for free!

Your time is valuable. I post enough educational ideas each week that you could put together individualized curriculums for your kids from them fairly easily  over the course of a month or two, but accessing all of them would take hours of scrolling each week. So, I am going to attempt to do a summary of all the ideas and links I have posted each week, (plus a few extras) all neatly organized according to subject category and age level. Feel free to pick and choose those activities that best fit your children! Subscribe in the upper the right-hand corner to get this blog in your e-mail so you don’t miss out!



Do you know someone who’s been deployed overseas? The holidays can be a very lonely time for them. Get their address and have your kids write to them. Send a care package in time for Christmas. Your kids will learn about letter writing, the military and possibly about the country where your troop is stationed. If you don’t know anyone, I have a son and a son-in-love who are currently stateside in the military. I’m sure they could get you the name and address of someone to write. PM me.



Free outdoor Bible verse scavenger hunt. Click here!




Challenge your kids to write a story with as many of the names of the Books of the Bible in it as they can.


Make a cartoon book depicting a Bible story!





Another version of “Mother May I”: Instruct your kids to “run like a turtle” or an elephant or a turkey, but stress that they cannot move a muscle until you say “Go!”. Then count down, 3, 2, 1, but don’t say “go”, instead say “Girl!” Count down again but go back to 2 instead of “go” … Mix it up a few times. Teaches listening skills in a fun way.



Challenge your kids to find a different creative way to say thank you every day this month!



Preschool Letter Recognition Activities




Cut several pictures out of a newspaper, mix them up and have your kids create a story from them.


Blogging for Kids



Parts of Speech Hunt: Take an old magazine article and have your kids highlight all the nouns blue and all the verbs yellow. Use different colors for other parts of speech. You can also make this more challenging by circling phrases, etc.


Middle School – High School


Have your teens pick a song that they think represents their life. Have them embed a video of it in their blog or in an email and write about why that song speaks to them. Counts as Music Appreciation too!



Pretend  you live in is a department store universe. What would your life be like? Write a story about the advantages and challenges such a universe would have.







Flying Pumpkins: A Force and Motion Activity



Love those activities that mix subjects!





Family Activities

Domino Math







Dump out your change jar. Count the coins. Then sort them by the years stamped on them and stack them together. Count the number of coins in each stack. Make a bar chart showing the number of coins in each year. Then figure out the percentage of coins in each year by dividing the number in a stack by the total number of coins from your jar.


Middle School and Up


Figure out how far you could jump if you were a grasshopper! Click here!





Have you ever taken a tour of your local post office? Great field trip!




History is just full of science! Imagine that!



Another duo activity! Music and PE here!

Thanksgiving Songs for Children – A Turkey Dance



10 FREE Thanksgiving Coloring Pages


December is coming! I always declared an “art month” during December. We would only do a skeletal curriculum of spelling and math drills. The rest of the month was devoted to making Christmas presents. The kids really learned to love giving! They were so excited to watch people open the gifts they had made themselves. 🙂







I’m working on doubling that again! How bout 10 years this time?





5 Reasons Why the Government Should Stay Out of Education


How to Motivate Your Kids to Get Their Schoolwork Done

This is where I deviate from radical unschooling. I really think there are some things that require a lot of discipline to learn, like spelling, playing a musical instrument, and math facts. If kids are allowed to work on them for a few days or even weeks and then not use it, they will loose it. I also believe that since I get a reward for almost everything I do that maybe is boring or unpleasant, kids should too. Do you use incentives? What kinds of things work for you?


Wow! I learned so much doing this post! Hope it blessed you!

God Bless You All!

~Grama Sue