Accepting Imperfection


Thumbelina, as a child, she was my most treasured Christmas gift. I really don’t remember how long I asked my parents for her, but it seemed like a hundred years 🙂

When I was a kid I had some major health problems. My folks had me tested, even to the extent of putting me into the hospital for a couple of weeks. The conclusion was that I had some allergies and that I liked attention. It wasn’t until I collapsed on the floor of the bathroom and went into respiratory arrest when I was 34 that anyone in the medical establishment recognized the severity of my problems.

There were many things that I simply couldn’t do, that were expected of children my age and giving up my thumb sucking was one of them. My parents resisted Thumbelina for a while because they didn’t want to encourage my unacceptable behavior, but finally they gave in.

For them, I am sure it wasn’t a huge deal, but for me, it was everything. I suffered from huge rejection issues. No one knew what was wrong  with me, not even me. I just knew I was wrong, I was bad. Thumbelina proved to me that my wonderful parents accepted me and loved me with all my imperfections. Thanks Mom and Dad, for demonstrating unconditional love!

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