Almost Unschooling Grama Weekly Wrap-Up | 2/10/17

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Which of these Valentines activities do you like best?



Get several booklets or brochures from your local tourist information office. Read them over with your kids. Then challenge them to make a booklet or brochure about something that interests them. While you are at it, be sure to plan to visit any local sites that interested them in the info you picked up!


Things to do with playdough:

  1. Experiment with creating new colors by mixing them.
  2. Make a maze to move cars or small toys through.
  3. Create relief maps.
  4. Make letters and write words.
  5. Make impressions of your hands and measure the span between the fingers.
  6. Press items from your nature walk such as leaves, flowers, rocks or bark to make an impression. Remove the item and let it dry.
  7. Cut with a plastic knife or safety scissors.

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Play “Guess Who!” Make some cards with the names of Bible characters on them. Put them face down on a table. Have each player take a card.

Player 1 picks another player and asks a question that might help them guess which character that player is holding.

After the question is answered, Player 1 takes a guess as to who it is. If he gets it right, he gets to put that card right side up in front of him. The player who gives up the card draws another and Player 1 gets another turn. If he doesn’t get the right answer, the play goes on to the next person.

The game continues until all the cards are drawn or after a pre-set time period.

The player with the most cards face up wins.




Find a cheap cape at a thrift store or make one by using a large rectangular piece of fabric to tie one end around the neck. Cut off a portion of the back of the cape and then tape it together somewhat loosely.

Then have your kids act out the story about David cutting off the back of Saul’s cape found in I Samuel 24. Have your David rip the piece you already cut off.

After discussing why David didn’t take the opportunity to kill Saul, have your kids turn their backs. Hide the piece of the robe that was cut off and have your kids go look for it.








Oh how I wish I had known this when the kids were little! I wouldn’t have felt nearly so bad about all the broken crayons we had!

Why You Should Break Crayons (On Purpose)






Cut apart a comic strip and have your kids put it back together in the right order!


Middle School – High School


Introducing adverbs? Try this twist on Charades for a fun way to help them get a firm grasp on what an adverb does! Create two sets of cards. One set should be action verbs such as run and blink. On the other write adverbs. You can google lists of both if you are having trouble thinking of them.

Play Charades with them by selecting a verb, acting it out and then selecting an adverb and acting out the verb and how the adverb affects the verb. Walking and walking slowly are two different things.

If you want, play in teams. Allow your teams to use props found around the house. For instance, if you want to jump weekly you could get a calendar, point to each day and then jump as you point to each Saturday.




Things to do with binoculars:

  1. Watch birds and other wildlife
  2. Investigate distant rock formations
  3. Explore how binoculars are made
  4. Spotting good fishing holes
  5. Watching the night sky
  6. Turn them around backward for a crude microscope
  7. Watching a sporting event from the nosebleed section
  8. Compare your eyesight to others by observing how the binoculars are focused.


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Wooden blocks – They seem too simple to be educational, don’t they? But, experts will tell you that playing with wooden blocks increases hand-eye coordination, develops spatial skills, increases problem-solving skills, increases the ability to mentally rotate 3-D objects, and even increase vocabulary skills! This set has lots of different shapes and colors for your child to explore too!

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Play hearts Bingo for Valentine’s Day!  Make hearts for each player. Put the digits 0-9 on them. Throw a pair of dice. Add or subtract, then cover the digit(s) in the answer. Then If the digit is already covered or only one is available (such as in the numbers 10-12), that turn is forfeited. Take turns throwing the dice. The first player to cover all of their digits wins.



Middle School and Up


Using a deck of cards with all the face cards removed, deal all players two cards. Each player tries to make the largest number they can by using one card as the base number and the other as the exponent. The person with the highest number wins that round and captures all the other cards on the table. The person with the most cards at the end of the game wins. Play until the deck is gone or set a timer.

Should We Stop Teaching Math? You Might Be Surprised!










When is the last time you went to a history re-enactment? They are a great way to learn about history! Participating in them is even better!




Clap out the beat of songs your children know well and see if they can guess which song. Then challenge them to clap a song for you.




Arts and Crafts Heart Project For Kids: Upcycle, Reuse, and Reduce Stress





How many things can you think of to do while jumping?


  1. Spell
  2. Recite a poem
  3. Skip count
  4. Sing


Kids actually memorize better if they are moving! My kids just loved bouncing on the mini-tramp while doing memory work. 🙂


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We made a balance path to follow! Keeping your feet on the line is tough when it comes to those corners!





Show your kids how to feel their pulse. Then have them count how many times their heart beats in 15 seconds. Multiply that by 4 to find their heart rate. Then have them check their heart rate and chart it as they do different activities through the day.





Learn to sew by making a simple stuffed animal!




5 Fun Activities To Do With Your 6 Month Old






Are you aware that there are no universal requirements to obtain a high school diploma? You, as a homeschooler, have the right to decide on your own requirements for graduation and they can be different for each student! Base your requirements on where they are headed in life, not on what someone else has decided is the right box for all kids!




This is long, but this Donahue show from 1971 is well worth watching. This was the type of stuff we were still dealing with back in the mid-80s when I started homeschooling. I remember going to a rally for some people who had been put in jail.



It’s a learning process! One of the reasons most people thought I would fail at homeschooling was because I was so disorganized! Homeschooling and working full-time forced me to learn!




What If the Kids Want to Go Back to School?






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God Bless You All!


~Grama Sue

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