Almost Unschooling Grama Weekly Wrap Up | December 30, 2016

Do you find motion sensitive lights a bit unnerving? I sure do! I mean, you don’t have to do anything to turn the light on. You just walk into a dark room and trust that the switch is going to do its thing on its own. The key to it is to just keep moving, the exact opposite of what your natural reaction is to darkness.

Faith is like that. When God tells you to move into a dark and unfamiliar area, you have to trust that He will dispel the darkness. The key is to just keep moving. If you stop and wait for the light, it won’t happen. Wow …



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Challenge your kids to write a mystery story with math problems for clues!



Encourage your kids to make money by selling their old things on eBay. Let them write the sales description, take the pictures, figure out the shipping amount, set the price, the whole nine yards!








Challah Recipe | Christianity’s Jewish Roots







Have your kids write and perform a radio show about Hanukkah.






Montessori Pre-Reading Activities





Cut index cards in half and have your kids come up with verbs that they can do or act out. Write these verbs on the index cards. make 4 stacks of 10-12 cards. The stacks can contain the same words if you can’t think of enough.

Then ask for a few nouns. Write them on index cards too. Hide the nouns in each of the 4 stacks. Put all four stacks in different places around a room.

Give each child an apron with a pocket. They will keep the cards they have collected in the pocket until the end of the game.

Instruct your kids to start at the stack without any nouns. The first player picks up a card. They are to “do” that verb over to the next stack. Each player takes a turn. Have them put the card they drew in their apron pocket.

At the other stacks, if the card drawn is a verb, the player should “do” the verb to the next stack, but if they draw a noun, they must stand and “be” that noun until the next round.

Play until all the cards have been drawn. The person with the most cards in their apron is the winner.



Middle School – High School


Starwars activities in honor of Princess Leia:




Ahhh! Tinker Toys! Such a great invention! Builds fine motor and spacial awareness while your child explores engineering skills!



Does it Dissolve? Kids Science Experiment





Montessori Human Anatomy Introduction






Dominoes are a staple at my house. I love the color-coded set! The colors make it easy to identify which dominoes have what number of dots on them. Little ones can identify the colors and count. Older kids can add the dots on each side, add two or more dominoes together, play a game where they draw dominoes and add or multiply their score on each turn until they get to a preselected number, turn that around and subtract from that preselected number until they reach zero … And then there’s the traditional domino games and of course setting them up so you can knock them all down!

If you don’t have a set of dominoes in your house, please consider buying through this link to help support this page. Thanks!






Got a train lover? Such cute videos!





Domino Math



Middle School and Up


How fast does your remote control car go? To find out, set up a straight line for it to travel on. Say, 20 ft. long. Place the car at the starting point and have someone use a stopwatch to time it. Let’s pretend it went the 20 feet in 5.9 seconds. Then use this formula to figure it out:

20ft/5.9sec x 60sec/1min. X  60min/1hr. x 1mi/5280ft.

Cancel out all the units of measure that have duplicates in the numerator and the denominator.

20/5.9 x 60/1 x 60/1hr x 1mi/5280

Multiply the top numbers: 72000mi

Multiply the bottom numbers: 31152hr

72000mi/31152hr = 2.31 mph (Round the second digit past the decimal)




This is a great week to teach money-saving strategies with all the after-Christmas sales! Go on a shopping field trip. Compare prices, discuss buying strategies and be sure to put in a good dose of “do you REALLY need or want that?”! Bargains are only bargains if you will use them!



Do you budget? Involve your older kids in the process! And if you don’t, it’s a great time to start!




Not getting paid to promote this, but if Grampa Tom and I had been exposed to Dave Ramsey when we were kids, we would have been SOOOOO much better off! And what better way to teach a kid than through a game!




Crusade history





Songs with actions like “Itsy Bitsy Spider” “Jesus Loves Me”, and “Wheels on the Bus” do more than teach a child to sing. They increase coordination and fine motor skills.






Salt and Watercolor Painting





Have your kids been making snowmen or snow angels? PE and art combined!






Bouncing with, dancing with, or patting your baby to the beat of music helps them develop a sense of rhythm and an understanding of music.













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God Bless You All!


~Grama Sue

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