Almost Unschooling Grama Weekly Wrap-Up | February 3, 2017

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Field Trips, On A Shoestring Budget




Goliath was 13 feet tall. Measure from your floor to ceiling. Would Goliath fit in your house? If you can’t find a place he could stand up in your house, try to find someplace outside to measure, like a 2-story house or an electric pole so you can see how big he was. Use a ladder and practice ladder safety!






How to Easily Encourage Imaginative Play Using Felt






Tuesday was  Backwards Day! Did you challenge your kids to write their spelling words, a sentence or even a whole story backward? If not, consider having a belated Backwards Day!



Middle School – High School



Do your kids like comics? Encourage them to make up their own comic strips. Counts as Art and/or Language Arts!

Teaching Shakespeare When You Know Nothing About Him







The Biology of Bread




Boil 3 eggs, put them out with 3 fresh eggs. Have your kids spin them all, sorting them by how they spin. Then crack one in each group. (Be sure to do this over a bowl!) Now have your kids turn their backs while you put the remaining eggs together. Then have them spin each one and predict if it is fresh or boiled.







My kids used to love this game. It works better on shag carpet, though. We would put numbers on cups and go number golfing. With little kids, I call out a number for them to find and hit the golf ball into it. For older kids, I call out a number sentence such as 3 x 4 =. Then they had to find the numerals that made up the answer and hit the ball into them in the right order.





Things to do with M&Ms:

Sort according to color

Create patterns: red, yellow, blue, red, yellow, blue, red ….

Make shapes

Add and subtract

Create an edible chart





Do you have a big stash of pennies like I do? Use them to teach place value! Have your kids count out 200 pennies to place in the 2 cup, 30 to place in the 3 cup and 7 to place in the 7 cup. Dump them all out and choose another number!


Middle School and Up


I just love the idea of using the door to show angles!








My grandkids occasionally get to go to work with Daddy. If your kids have this opportunity, make sure to count it as Social Studies!



6 Ancient Civilizations Mistakenly Thought To Have Homogeneous White Populations



Did you know that playing house is Social Studies? It is children’s role playing of the different family roles that helps them make sense of their world. Count it as “exploratory play”!





How to Make a Rainstick Instrument





Spontaneous art! We were making bread and all of a sudden, the redhead was drawing rainbows in the flour!

Symmetry Sketches




Give your kids a ball to throw to each other.  Set a timer for 5 minutes and challenge them to see how many times they can throw the ball and catch it. Dropped balls don’t count!





The Redhead and I talked about how an apple skin is like the enamel on our teeth. It protects the softer insides of our teeth. Then we put a hole in the apple to simulate a cavity. Within a couple of hours, it turned brown and started attracting bugs! What a bonus! Not only was the apple rotting inside, but other things were attacking it as well! It’s very important to keep the enamel on your teeth strong!




Best advice I’ve heard in awhile. Saw it on Hip Homeschool Mom! A lady was asking how not to set off the smoke alarm while cooking pancakes and tortillas. The general consensus was: Turn the stove down! I needed this! How ’bout you? Anyone else have some great Home Ec tips?




Put a small toy, such as a rubber duck, stuffed animal or bean bag on your toddler’s back and challenge him to see how far he can crawl without it falling off.




10 Fun Elective Ideas for Teens




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God Bless You All!


~Grama Sue

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