Almost Unschooling Grama Weekly Wrap-Up | January 13, 2017

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Make a video of you talking to your children when they aren’t around. Then show it to them and ask who it is. Pretend to be surprised when they say it’s you. Point out that you are right there with them. How can it be you? Discuss the fact that the video only has 3 dimensions: length, width and time.

Then discuss how the Bible says that Jesus is the image of the invisible God. When He chose to live among us, He chose to limit Himself to the way we and our world are built. He couldn’t be in more than one place at a time. But He was God! We need to “watch” the video by studying the Bible. In that way, we can learn about God and His ways.








My grandkids love riddles! Riddles help kids practice their logic and language skills. Here’s a few to try on your kids!

  1. What letter of the alphabet has the most water?
  2. The letter C!
  3. How do you throw a tent?
  4. You pitch it!
  5. What bow can’t be tied?
  6. A rainbow.
  7. Can you name two things that have an eye buy can’t see?
  8. A needle and a hurricane!
  9. Why did the farmer let his cows eat the tall grass?
  10. Because it needed to get moooed! (Mowed)


Why self-editing is hard for kids and how to make it easier





Middle School – High School


Grampa Tom loves westerns. One of the things he likes about them is they are often set in real places. He likes to keep an atlas around so he can look up those places as he reads. Encourage your kids to look up the places mentioned in the books and articles they read.



Writing challenge: Write a set of instructions about how to do your favorite science experiment. Then send those instructions to a friend. See if they can figure out your instructions!




Both hubby and I have hazel eyes. We have 2 kids with brown eyes and one with blue eyes. What do you have in your family?






Draw a number on a cardstock. Let your child color it. Then make it into puzzle pieces to put together. Hide the puzzle pieces around the room and let your child find them and put them together.




Cut out all the ads in your newspaper then have your kids put them in order from lowest price to highest price.


Middle School and Up






When studying a country, have your kids re-create the famous buildings or landmarks from that area. Tell them, they can draw, paint, sculpt with playdoh, build with legos or other building materials, or use something else entirely!


Visit your state capitol! Before going, make sure your representatives will be there. Schedule a meeting with them. Have your kids make a few notes about things they would like to discuss with them (issues or just questions about how government works).




Here’s a fun twist on musical chairs! To begin with, give everyone a notepad and tell them to start a sentence with 3 words on it. ie. – He went to … Instruct them to leave it on one of the chairs set up for musical chairs. Then have them move around while the music plays. Once it stops they must scramble for a chair. When they reach the chair, they must sit down and add one word to the sentence before the music starts again. Anyone who can’t think of a word is out of the game. But, no chairs are removed. Then do another round. Keep it up for several rounds and then read the crazy sentences!




Sidewalk chalk art counts as art! Snap a picture and write it down!




Give your kids frequent “brain breaks”.  They will be able to concentrate better and accomplish more if you do. Some brain break ideas:

Set up some cones and have your kids weave in and out of them.

Jump and down for 15 seconds.

Do 5 summersaults.

Go up and down the stairs 5 times. Make sure to hang on to the rail!

Do 15 squats.

Stand on your head.

Pretend you are a tree on a windy day!



Do you play Badminton? Here’s some history behind the name!





Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s January, it’s cold out there. Do it anyway. Human beings weren’t created to sit inside breathing artificially warmed (or for that matter, cooled) air all the time. You and your kids NEED to go outside! The more you stay inside, the less your body will be able to handle the cold.

Your internal thermostat is like any other function of your body. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it! You wouldn’t want your legs to shrivel up and die, would you? Your internal thermostat is no less important. So, GET OUT THERE!





What things would you add to these lists?

FREE Printable Life Skills Checklist for Kids





Do you find that your kids need a little reminder to use some self-control? Here’s a little demonstration that can help them understand why they shouldn’t fly off the handle!

Self-Control Object Lesson





How brave are you?





Have your teen explore how to write a resume. Have him pick a style and then brainstorm ideas about what he could put on it.





How to Be the Mom Your Strong-Willed Child Needs You to Be



Want to meet other homeschoolers? Go out on “school days”! Hit the beach, the library, the Y, parks, etc. If you find other families with kids, ask if they homeschool. It’s likely they do!



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God Bless You All!


~Grama Sue

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