Diesel Fuel


Larry stopped by today with even more diesel fuel. It’s pretty much a daily event at Hughes Harvesting right now. Larry was telling me that they usually run through about 20 to 25 thousand gallons of diesel a day at the co-op, but right now it’s more like 50 thousand! That’s a lot of fuel!


There are 3 different tanks here, one says on road, another off road and the third says non-tax. I’ve been wondering about that so I asked Larry what the difference was. He said there is no difference in the fuel itself, but the off road or non tax fuel has a red dye in it. Diesel is normally clear or a greenish color.

The state taxes diesel fuel that is used in vehicles that run on the roads, but doesn’t tax diesel fuel used for tractors and combines. The red dye is used to help law enforcement differentiate between the two. When a diesel vehicle is stopped on the road, the officer will check the fuel. If it is red there is a hefty fine!


I didn’t know that! Thanks Larry!

God Bless You All!

~Grama Sue

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