Domino Math


This is a game the whole family can enjoy instead of boring drills.


Spread dominoes out face down.





Pick up one domino. Count the dots on each side. Then count all the dots. Say 2 + 4 = 6



Pick up a domino. Repeat the steps for the counter level and then write the answer on a piece of paper. On the next turn, add your second answer to your first. The person who gets to 50 first wins. When this is easy, add 2 dominoes together and race to 100 or 500.



Pull 2 dominoes. Subtract the smaller from the larger. When this is easy. Put 100 on a sheet of paper. Pick 1 domino and subtract it from 100. On the next turn subtract your pull from the number you got on the previous turn. The first one to get to 0 wins. This can be made more challenging by starting with 500 or 1000, picking 2 dominoes, adding them together and subtracting the result.



Pull 2 dominoes. multiply them together. Add your answers on a sheet of paper. First one who gets to 1000 wins. Or start with 1000 on the sheet and subtract answers.


The whole family can play this at the same time. Just set different goals for each player according to their level.