Educationese | The Art of Making Everyday Learning Sound Really Complicated


One of the very first things anyone who wants to homeschool ought to learn is how to speak “Educationese”. Educationese is an industry language created by education professionals to categorize, organize and describe learning. It is one of the reasons those who have been through 13 or more years of traditional school feel intimidated when entertaining the idea of teaching their own children, but it’s really just the difference between “interdigitation” and “holding hands”. It’s not hard. Educationese just takes a little creativity and practice. When you incorporate Educationese into your description of your children’s learning, you gain credibility and you will impress your friends and family.

Here’s how:

For two weeks, don’t “do” any school. Just keep a list of the things your kids are doing. Then at the end of each day, see if you can fit those things into educational categories.


Make bed, straighten room: Home-Ec

At breakfast talked about vitamin C in orange juice: Life Science – Nutrition

Devotions: Bible

Watched “Animaniacs” on TV, discussed events and people mentioned: History

Read “Little House on the Prairie” book: American History, Language Arts

Planted seeds for garden: Science

Bike riding: PE

At lunch talked about the Earl of Sandwich: History

Baked cookies – kids did measuring: Math

Played Monopoly: Math

Made Tin Can Pencil Holders: Art

Tree Climbing: PE

Coloring: Art

Help Dad fix car:  Physical Science

Watch News: Current Events

Played Guitar Hero: Music

Chat w/cousin on FB:  Language Arts

Sunday school and church can be counted as Bible, music, and usually art. Club activities such as 4-H or Scouts can be science, social studies or other subjects. Going to the grocery store can be language arts, science, and math if your kids read labels and compare prices. Trips can be social studies. Have your kids follow along on a map and make scrapbooks about the places they visited …

As you incorporate Educationese into your everyday life, your confidence in being able to teach your own children will increase, your friends and family will be impressed and your kids will start complaining, “Mom, you make EVERYTHING into school!”

Life is learning! Go for it!




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