Illinois River Road (HWY 100) part 1| Roads Worth Taking

Yesterday, I had the awesome pleasure of taking the Illinois River Road from Alton half the way home. It’s a road worth taking!


The 15 mile stretch from Alton up to Grafton is just incredible! The four lane highway is tucked between the breath taking river and soaring bluffs.

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There is also a bike/hiking path that follows the road that goes all the way to the Pere Marquette State Park a few miles north of Grafton.


Grafton is a quaint little tourist town that caters to those that flock to drink in the area’s beauty.


It is a fantastic place to take a family! I saw a water slide, a marina, horseback riding, a ferry, at least 4 winerys, condo’s, camping sites, bike rentals, museums, craft shops, flea markets and produce stands … I would absolutely love to go back there and explore it better someday.

At Grafton, the road narrows to two lane, but the scenery is every bit as beautiful!


The road hugs the bluff as it winds north. Expansive river bottoms treat you to flowers, crops and wildlife!

So if you are ever near St. Louis, be sure to check out this road! It goes on nearly to Pittsfield. If you want to get  out into rural America the second part of the road is for you! But that’s for another post!

God Bless You All!

~Grama Sue

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