Illinois River Road (HWY 100) part 2| Roads Worth Taking

The other day I did a post about the Illinois River Road from Alton up to the Pere Marquette State Park. That area is full of activities and beauty, but today I want to take you further north into a beautiful rural area where you can really get back to nature!


Once you get past the park, the road continues to hug the bluff while treating you to great views of the expansive river bottoms, teaming with fields and wildlife.


As the road joins with HWY 16 east of Jerseyville, it winds through the bottoms to Hardin.


There you cross the Illinois river on a quaint old draw bridge into Calhoon County, an area famous for it’s peaches in my neck of the woods! I got a kick too out of their high school.


It apparently had the same architect as the school that Grampa Tom graduated from 🙂

Nauvoo high

While there aren’t any waterslides, from there on your eyes will feast on breath taking eye candy like this.


and this


and this


and this!

If you get a chance, take the road! You won’t regret it 🙂

God Bless You All!

~Grama Sue

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