Reading Readiness and More


This is one of  The Brown One’s favorite books. It’s called WORDS: My First Words Book by Playmore Inc. I picked it up at a thrift store for a buck sometime back.

The Brown One is still a little too busy most of the time to sit still and listen to a whole book being read to him, but with this book it doesn’t matter. We flip from page to page as he pleases and “read” the words. I put my finger on the word he want’s to read and sound it out slowly before putting the whole word together. I talk about the different letters and the sounds they make and if there is a letter combination in the word that makes a different sound like “ch” or “er” I point that out too.  At first, he paid no attention to me, but now he is starting to repeat what I say.

We  identify colors; discuss living and non living things, where food comes from; explore celebrations; consider dressing for the weather; and count things in this book! Just from this one little toddler board book we’re covering language arts, art, science, social studies, health and math! You can do this too. Take any activity that your child enjoys and find creative ways to cover 2 or more subjects.


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