Almost Unschooling Grama Weekly Wrap-Up | Hands-On Learning December 16 2016

As I sit here writing the snow is coming down and the temps are dropping. Supposed to have a high of -9 on Sunday. Are you in the deep freeze zone? Think I’ll be staying in this weekend! By the time I get back to North Carolina, I’m gonna think 40 degrees is a heat wave!

My mom came from her surgery and doing great. Dad is doing remarkably well too. The other day, I took him to the doc because he had a sore throat. The doc said he had a little sinus and bronchitis thing going on and prescribed an anitboitic. Later that day we were walking and he was saying he was tired. I told him he would get better (refering to the infection), but he thought I was talking about the Parkinson’s. He told me, “Not from this I won’t.” I said “Dad, you have gotten better!” Last April, when I came to take care of him the first time, he was unable to walk much, hallucinating and sleeping 20 hours a day. Now, I almost have trouble keeping up with him, there’s no hallucinations and he only takes a couple of little naps a day. God is bigger than Parkinsons! I will continue to pray that His will be done in my parents as it is in Heaven! Please agree with me!

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Do you have a bulletin board in your home? Encourage your kids to decorate it each week with things they are learning!







Write the words of a memory verse on the backs of dominoes with a washable marker. Have your kids set them up on edge in the correct order and then knock them down!


Find out how to pronounce the names in the genealogies of Jesus (Found in the first chapter of Matthew and the third chapter of Luke). Then have your kids write them out using punctuation symbols. When they discover that the genealogies are different, explain that Matthew traces Mary’s line and that Luke traces Joseph’s line, but there are common names in both.








Our adventure into homeschooling started because I had decided my son needed to start kindergarten, but because he was only 4 1/2 the school wouldn’t accept him. When his older sister started 1st grade, Spence and I sat down for 90 minutes each day and “did school”. All I had to teach with was a few index cards and a Highlights subscription. Within a few weeks, Spence had passed his sister up. That got me investigating the possibility of homeschooling her too and the rest is history.

If you don’t have a subscription to Highlights, please consider ordering through this link to support this page! Thank you!






5 things kids need… before they’re ready to sound out words





Do you have a library? Come on! You are a homeschooler! Challenge your kids to organize it with the Dewy Decimal System.


Middle School – High School


Knowing Greek and Latin roots will help your kids break down new words and expand their vocabulary. This game is lots of fun and helps them learn fast! My kids loved it! If you don’t have it, please consider buying through this link to help support this page.







Challenge your kids to make a Lego maze. Use a marble to test it out! The Geek built this one. We used a small jingle bell instead of a marble since we didn’t have one. It worked OK. He even built a tower for it to go up.




How Do Penguins Stay Dry? Penguin Feathers Science Experiment


 Put a few paper clips in a glass of water. Then put a magnet on the side of the glass. Try to “catch” them with the magnet. Now try this with vegetable oil, corn syrup and other clear liquids. Is it harder or easier to catch the paper clips? Try a clear plastic glass. What other ways can you try to catch the magnets? Discuss the why the magnet was more or less effective in the different liquids and glasses







Number Pin-Up | Preschool Math and Fine Motor Control




Go out and measure footprints in the snow. Who has the smallest? Who’s is largest? Measure left and right feet. Can you find animal prints? How big are they? If you have a lot of snow, measure how deep the prints are.





Middle School and Up


Figure out the footprint of your house by measuring the outside, drawing it on graph paper and figuring out the area. The formula is length x width. You might have to carve it up into rectangles and squares and add each section together. Extra credit for triangles (length x width x ½) and circles (3.14 x the radius squared)! If you want to keep your kids extra busy, have them measure and figure all the rooms inside. Then add them together.  If you live in an apartment, measure the outside of the building and then measure your apartment. Figure out what percentage of the building your apartment occupies by multiplying the total footprint by the number of stories and then dividing your apartment square footage by the building total.





Proverbs 12:10 tells us: A righteous man regards the life of his animal, But the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel. Practice being kind to animals by looking up recipes for dog treats and make some to take to your local shelter.




Choose an issue that relates to the Bill of Rights and produce an ad or vlog that defends your position.



Just went and bought this book again! I read it many years ago, but I loaned it out to someone. You know how that goes. Peace Child made a huge impression on my life. It’s about a couple who chose to go live among the cannibal tribes of New Guinea and how they found a custom in that incredibly violent culture that they could relate to Christ. As a result, they were able to break through all the lies and the treachery those people were entrenched in and lead them to Jesus!

Great family read aloud! If you don’t have it in your library, please consider buying it through this link to support this page.






Violins or fiddles are among the instruments used in contemporary and classical music. Have a violin day. Look up the history of violins. Listen to some different violin solos, then as you are listening to other music, point out the violins. Encourage your kids to listen for them too.




Find as many glass glasses of the same size as you can. Fill them with different amounts of water. Ask your kids to tap them with a spoon. Listen to the different tones. If you want to get really fancy, use an eyedropper and a keyboard to “tune” the glasses to different notes. If you don’t have a keyboard, you can find them by googling “note sounds”.






What’s the last thing you made with a cardboard milk box? Put your answer in the comments!








Baby Sitting Practice Using Sensory Bags




10 Fun Elective Ideas for Teens





You are not qualified to teach your child!


Why We Eat Our Family Dinner by Candlelight Every Night



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God Bless You All!


~Grama Sue