Stamford, TX | #PlacestoGo #goodeats

It’s been an interesting day. The truck broke down this morning so we have spent the day in Stamford, TX. Thank God we were with Hughes Harvesting! We have towing service on our auto policy, but they couldn’t find a towing company that would come tow us so Rob hooked a chain to the truck and towed us here.


We parked the camper at this Shell station and took the truck to a garage just a little way down the road. The people there were so sweet! They were fine with us parking the camper and even blessed us as we walked out the door!

Connie left the Expedition with us so we’d be able to get down to Redbud if we by some chance we had major problems and couldn’t get the truck fixed pretty quick, so we decided to tour the town a little.


It was about noon, so we decided to find a place to eat. We wound up at the Blue Jean Cafe. Delightful is the closest word I can think of to describe it.


Hidden away in this very ordinary looking house is one of the BEST restaurants we’ve ever been in! It was obvious that The Blue Jean Cafe is a family owned and run. Hannah and her dad David were waiting on tables and running the cash register. Her little brother was busing tables.

DSCN2088 DSCN2089

The atmosphere and the food were fantastic!


Then, because I’m a thrift store fanatic, we decided to visit the Pink Lady Thrift store. Nice place! I’ve never been in a thrift store where the bras were all sorted in little bins by size! It was very well organized 🙂 We bought a couple of little afghans to cover the benches of our dinette and learned that the Pink Ladies are an auxiliary of the local hospital that was established in 1979. Between the thrift store and the gift shop at the hospital, they have raised a total of $933,644 since 1979.

The lady there told us we should head over to the local museum. DSCN2093

Sandra Rhea showed us around, telling us all about Stamford.


We stayed for quite a while! She was just full of stories about cowboys, the famous Stamford Inn, famous people from town, and old tools, but the thing that fascinated us most was this contraption:


See that contraption in the middle of the table? The one that kinda looks like the insides of an old ice cube tray? It’s an egg carton form! Farmers would put several layers of wet newspaper over it, clamp it down and let it dry. At the time of it’s invention, it was a real money maker. Most people took their eggs to town in buckets, loosing many on the bumpy ride in. Home made egg cartons reduced the breakage to almost nothing 🙂

If you go to Stamford, please visit these places and tell them Grama Sue sent you!

God Bless You All!

~ Grama Sue

Lyons KS

Went to Lyons this morning to hear our nephew sing at the First Baptist Church there What a friendly church! When you walked in, there was just this atmosphere of joy permeating the place! Lots of young people too.

Jonathan has been a member there for quite some time although he is currently serving as pastor at a church in Strafford. This week, he was on vacation and had arranged to visit “home”.  He did one of his original songs during the service.  I took a video for Jonathan to put up on YouTube. He’s a very talented musician. When he gets it posted, I will share it on my FB page so be looking for it 🙂


We went out for lunch at a locally owned Mexican restaurant called El Potrillo. We loved the food 🙂 If you should be in the area, go there and tell them Grama Sue sent you!

God Bless You All!  ~Grama Sue