True Confessions | I Let My Kids Play With Money

Yes, it’s true. I let my kids play with money.


This is one of the more expensive activities I do with my kids. I throw a bunch of change in a cardboard flat and let them play. We count, we identify coins, we sort them, we build castles and towers for fine motor development, we make up games and pretend the money monsters are going to eat us 😉 Pretty much anything goes.

The only rules we have are: The coins can’t go near your mouth, and no throwing … well, that one gets broken now and then when we do a coin toss. That involves 4 bowls on the floor (one for each type of coin). We try to get the nickles in the nickle bowl, the dimes in the dime bowl, etc. Another variation is to mark the bowls with price and try to get the right combination of coins into the bowl to come up with that price.

No need for boring worksheets! Make learning fun!