Poppy Dean’s Antiques


One of the most interesting stores in Rosebud, Texas is this treasure chest! Poppy Dean’s Antiques.

From the outside, it looks interesting, but once you step inside …


I had to ask, what kind of a store was this to begin with? I expected J.C. Penny or something similar. Nope! The original store occupying this building was the Tarner-Henslee Company. Marvin said he had seen a picture of it from 1896. In the picture, there was a dirt road and 3 buildings. On the first floor they had a general merchandise store and the balcony was the display area for horse drawn buggies!


The old hand pulled lift used to get them up there is still there.

The store is full of cool old stuff and Marvin’s knowledge made it like a museum tour! Here’s just a few of the displays. You will have to go there yourself to get all the details cause I didn’t write it all down.

IMG_20150611_114743780 IMG_20150611_114753918 IMG_20150611_114801998IMG_20150611_114806478 IMG_20150611_114814482IMG_20150611_114840786 IMG_20150611_114857871 IMG_20150611_114946321IMG_20150611_115049730 IMG_20150611_115105219

This is just a fraction of all the goodies they have 🙂 I’ve got dozens more pictures!

If you are in the area, be sure to stop by and tell them Grama Sue sent you!

The Tree Twister


For the past several days, I’ve had my eye on this rosemary. Yesterday, the shop they were in front of happened to be open when I was over there, so I went in to ask how much they were.

“Not for sale.” 🙁

But the shop was fascinating (I’ll save that for another post.) So I spent quite a bit of time talking with Marvin Bernsen about things there, how the harvest was going, etc.  After I’d been there for a while, Marvin showed me some of his own exquisite art work made from mesquite wood.


Marvin is a multi-talented guy. He is a retired farm mechanic who is currently going to craft shows with his artwork. His card says he also does auto cad drafting, steel detailing and house plans. (I didn’t talk to him about that.) And he helps out at Poppy Dean’s Antique Shop too.

As I was leaving, I asked if he was sure I couldn’t talk him out of one of his rosemary plants. He said only one was his, the rest were his boss’s, but he would give me one. He wouldn’t take any money, they aren’t for sale! Such a sweet guy! He showed me his potting soil. Said he makes his own by composting the mesquite shavings from his art work.

So I brought up one of the boots that my boss’s son gave me to plant something in and transplanted it.


It looked really cool last night with the solar light stuck in it 🙂

If you’d like to contact Marvin about his art or his auto cad drafting service, you can call him at 254-583-4203 or email: mhbrosebud@yahoo.com

God Bless You All!

~grama sue