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It’s been a rough few weeks. I don’t do change well. Trying to switch from garden mode to winter mode is hard enough, Then, I got so sick I had to go to the doctor. Grampa Tom is supposed to be in the field, but it keeps being put on hold because of rain, kids schedules have changed more than once.  I feel like I just can’t get any kind of routine going! It’s an elusive goal but, I really need a routine!

In spite of it all the kids have thrived! The Brown One has learned some important life skills: finding the front of his underpants and how much toilet paper to use when he poops.

He has also made some fun discoveries. One day, he was “washing” a big metal spoon. He asked if it was plastic. I told him “No, it’s metal.”


“Oh!” he exclaimed, “That means my letter magnets will stick to it!” And he proceeded to find some letters to stick to it. Then came the discovery! The letters would stick to the convex side of the spoon, but they would not stick to the concave side because the magnet couldn’t actually touch the spoon. He tried it with several letters just to be sure, but finally decided it just wouldn’t work. We talked about why and he seemed to understand 🙂

He has also learned to “read” a book all by himself! It just has two words on each page, which he has memorized, but he diligently points to each word as he “reads” it. That’s an important step in reading readiness!

And of course Sissy is busy learning all the things that 6 month olds do, She’s starting to eat solid food, getting up on her hands and knees and chewing on anything within reach 🙂

At one point, my inability to function worried me terribly, but over the years, I’ve learned that kids will learn in spite of me. I just need to roll with the changes and recognize the things they learn!

What has your child learned in spite of you?


Planting Potatoes

Wish I had a picture of the look on The Brown One’s face when I pulled this monster potato out of my store room, but you’ll have to use your imagination.


“WHAT IS THAT!” He exclaimed.  I told him it was a potato that was trying to grow. I love spontaneous learning activities, so I suggested we cut a piece of it off and  plant it.


I explained that the funny looking things that were growing out of the potato were roots and that if we cut off a part of the potato and planted it in some soil it would grow more potatoes. So we put this section of it in a pot and cooked the rest for lunch.


A couple of weeks later The Brown One was delighted to find that his potato was growing!


Today was warm enough that we thought we could put it outside.


We put it in the middle of a tire and then  put dirt and some old hay around it.


Since it was pretty  tall we put another tire over it and more dirt. Then, since it’s still pretty cold and the chickens are able to get into the garden right now, we put a piece of glass on top. We will keep putting tires and dirt around the stem as it grows and see how many potatoes we can grow from this one little potato part.

This is a great little science project. We’ll get a little math in there too when we count the potatoes after we dig them up later.