The Letter T

The Brown one can pick out the letter T on his alphabet mat!


We’ve been working on the letter T for quite a while now.  When introducing the alphabet, I always like to start with letters that will mean something to them. T is the first letter of The Brown One’s name.

We’ve been making the letter t with play dough, writing it on paper and in the air. The other day The Brown One even decided he wanted to make the letter T with some rocks. What a brilliant idea!


He made the t. Then I followed his lead and spelled out the rest of his name while he eagerly brought me rocks.

This morning after The Brown One pointed out the T on his alphabet mat, he wanted to know which letter was for Grama, so I showed him. Then he pointed out the letter y. He knew it was part of his name, but he couldn’t remember it’s name. Then he wanted to know what the letter Q was. That led to a discussion of queens. We made a play dough queen and then of course we had to make a crown!

 The aim is to make learning fun! Roll with it!

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