Will it float?


The other day we did an experiment using an orange and a pitcher of water. I asked the kids if they thought the orange would float. My grandson thought it was pretty light so it would float. Since he’s the oldest, the others agreed.


We put the orange in the pitcher of water and indeed it did float!

Then I peeled the orange and asked the kids if they thought it would still float. They were just sure it would because it was lighter now.


UGGH! It sunk right down!

I explained that there were two reasons for this. First, the orange peel has a lot of little air pockets in it that float in the water and secondly, the shape of the orange had changed. It was no longer shaped like a boat.


We decided to see if the orange would float if we put it back in the “boat”, but it turned over the┬áthe “boat” and sank.


We had fun for a while trying different ways to “float” the orange, but they didn’t work. Then the kids started throwing the orange in the water sending water all over the place (imagine that). So, this mean grandma said that’s enough!

Try this with your kids and let me know what their hypothosis’ are!

God Bless You All!

~Grama Sue

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